Forage Solutions for Machine Optimization:

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Our years of experience in the forage business have provided us with the opportunity to develop additional parts to further maximize the performance of your forage cutter. Our designs are based on years of work on forage equipment. Each design has been created and modified until we found the perfect specifications to solve the problem.


Hay Crop DeflectorsHay Crop Deflectors

Our Hay Crop Deflectors help to prevent crop build up and wrapping of the feed rolls in hay crops. They help promote less wear on the feed rolls and less time spent cleaning and pulling crop out of the feed roll area during service and maintenance time.


Lower Front Feed Roll Hub

Lower front feed roll right hand hub and bearing with cleaners

Over time, PrairieLand had realized that with a little modification, the hub will actually wear longer. Our modification to the right hand hub and bearings will prevent wear on the aluminum hub and bearing caused by crop build up. This helps to avoid having to replace the bearing instead of the nub because the build up wore down the bolts or the bearings.


Header Lift Cylinder Boots

Header Lift Cylinder Boots

Often times, there are problems with the header settling. Many expensive header lift valves are replaced in trying to correct the problem. PrairieLand has realized the header lift valves are getting crop material in them from the lift cylinders. Our Cylinder Boots prevent crops from getting into the lift cylinder and thus getting into the hydraulic system. It’s always a good idea to disassemble the lift cylinders to clean any existing crop material out of the cylinders before the boots are installed.


Crop Boss

Crop Boss

Useful on 678 and 770 headers– the knock down plates push short crop over to let the stalks feed horizontally into the feed roll. The Crop Boss keeps the crop down lower in the feed channel so the upper front feed roll will not hit the end of the stalk, which would tip the crop vertical, thus blocking the crop flow.


Feed Roll Door Bolts BreakageFeed Roll Door Bolts Breakage

We now have a kit from John Deere to prevent the breakage fo the feed roll door bolts and feed roll housing. The wide 2010 year machines had these parts factory installed and we had no feed roll housing or bolt breakage this last year even with 10 row headers installed on the machines. We have installed these parts on wide and narrow machines and feel this is a good improvement.


Short Crop Feeding Guide

Short Crop Feeding Guides

Useful on the 678 header only, it’s designed to keep the stalks engaged into the feeding drums by pushing the bottom of the plant completely back to the feed rolls.



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